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Cocktail Piano Chord Voicings & Piano Styling Video Sessions 

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A fantastic introduction or compliment
to your ProProach experience!

Cocktail Piano Videos Samples

Three video sessions focusing on piano chord voicing strategies
in the context of
excerpts from two of the most popular standard songs of all time...
PLUS an introduction to "right hand chord piano" and more....

Are you used to playing those tunes with those basic 7th chords under that left hand,
always wondering how the pros get those "spicier" chord sounds?
Then this one's for you...

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Piano VideoVideo #1

Dave whips up a little appetizer for you to help get those creative juices of yours flowing... with a few measures from the bridge of Arlen and Harburg's "Over The Rainbow" as he demonstrates some tasteful usage of a few ProProach concepts and adds a little spice to the recipe!

(video is approximately 16 minutes in duration)

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Piano VideoVideo #2

"Play Misty for me!"

"Okay," says Dave...

He takes the first four bars (in C Major) and demonstrates how powerfully effective a couple of simple open voicings really can be... and he adds a little spice in the process.

(video is approximately 6 minutes in duration)


Piano VideoVideo #3

You Don't Always Have To Play Those Chords With Your Left Hand!

This video serves as the perfect compliment to the FREE eBook

Serves as a great introduction or complement to Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy

(remember, you get ALL 3 videos with this package for this special price)

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"Left handed chord playing" is fine, but if you're limiting yourself to
playing chords this way, you're missing out on some real opportunities
for freedom. Take your piano playing to the next level with this video lesson.

(video is approximately 10 minutes in duration)
Get the most from Lesson #1 of ProProach with
Cocktail Piano Secrets #1
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Chord Changes To Great Songs #1
A must have for the individual who wants to have
a "buffet of musical ideas" at his or her fingertips

Pro Piano Chord Bytes
The perfect compliment to ProProach
Actually learn how to create your very own pro
chord sounds at that piano or keyboard!


Audio Animation Video makes learning EASY!

Audio Animation Video makes learning EASY!

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